Getting sleep apnea treatment in Canada – The Canadian’s Guide to Better Sleep

Finding the right place to get treatment for sleep apnea can seem challenging. With many different providers offering a variety of sleep disorder treatments, it is important that you find one who can help you get set up with the proper equipment and knowledge required to manage and treat your sleep apnea.

Different Types of Sleep Therapy Providers

There are several types of providers who specialize in sleep apnea treatment in Canada. The most common being sleep clinics, CPAP vendors, or sleep clinics who also provide CPAP devices and equipment.  Depending on who your doctor refers you to or the type of treatment you require, it is more than likely that there is a provider near you who can assist you in treating the sleep disorder breathing such as sleep apnea. By following the right steps, you can ensure you are getting the proper treatment for your sleep apnea.

Step 1: Research Your local Canadian Sleep Apnea Clinic

When deciding which sleep clinic is best for your specific needs, there are several things you should carefully consider. The first being their qualifications and experience. Clinics who have been treating patients with sleep apnea for many years are more likely to have expertise in accurately assessing and managing the negative symptoms that can arise with sleep disorders especially sleep which is a common sleep disorder. To be tested you will require a prescription from your treating physician and call the sleep clinic for an appointment for the sleep test. Often the test can be done in the comfort of your home which the clinic will provide a special monitor which the individual can easily set up and sleep one night and return the following day.

Although there are several experts who can help treat sleep apnea, it is beneficial to visit a clinic who has designated specialists such as respiratory therapists and respirologist specializing in sleep apneas. These specialists can provide your doctor with your sleep test results and collaborate with them to help determine which treatment options are right for you, and the type of equipment you may require.   

Step 2: Find a CPAP device and mask in Canada.

CPAP devices, masks, and equipment come in a variety of options. The sleep apnea clinic will assist you by providing the right CPAP device and mask under the supervision of the respirologist and sleep specialist. With many different vendors and clinics carrying CPAP devices in Canada, it can be tough to decide where you should purchase yours from. There are several measures you can take to ensure you are getting the best possible CPAP equipment for your unique needs.

It is highly recommended that you visit a facility that carries CPAP devices in person when possible so that you can get a better sense of the device that is right for you. Patients benefit greatly from trying on different types of CPAP masks while at the clinic specializing in the field of sleep apnea., getting proper training on how to use the equipment (mask and CPAP device), viewing different CPAP devices, and so on. This will assure the maximum benefit of the CPAP treatment while being supported by a qualified respiratory therapist specializing in the field of sleep apnea.

When looking for a location to have a home sleep apnea test and or view different CPAP devices you may choose to ask your doctor for a referral and search an online directory for a sleep clinic and CPAP provider near you. If you are living in the Gatineau region in Quebec, Thérapie CPAP Outaouais would be a great first stop as we have years of experience (since 1991) in treating sleep apnea and carry a large variety of popular CPAP devices, masks and related equipment. Respiratory therapists, respirologist and sleep specialist are available to properly assist you offering coaching and follow-ups.

Step 3: Follow Up with Your Respiratory Therapist

As with any sleep disorder, it is important that you check in with your respiratory therapist to monitor progress and assess the methods you are using to treat your sleep apnea. After just a few nights of sleeping with a CPAP device, many patients see significant improvements in their symptoms and betterment of quality of life.

By following up with your CPAP device provider provider you can let them know whether your treatment is effective and discuss alternative options if necessary.

Find the Sleep Apnea Solution That is Right for You

Finding the right treatment for your sleep apnea is essential to improving your quality of sleep and overcoming your symptoms. In Canada, there are many different paths one can take when choosing the treatment that is best for them.

CPAP therapy is undoubtedly one of the leading treatments for sleep apnea and has contributed to the health improvements of thousands of Canadians. By following the steps mentioned in this blog, you will be able to find the sleep therapy provider that is right for you and be one step closer to a better night’s rest.

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