3 Reasons Why Visiting a CPAP Clinic Will Help You Sleep Better

Many people are not self-aware that their snoring, restless sleep, and constant daytime fatigue are caused by sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. Symptoms might not be apparent in individuals, and it often takes another person to observe their sleep behavior such as snoring and stopping breathing before they realize they are experiencing any issues. By consulting with sleep experts and respiratory specialists at a certified CPAP clinic, diagnosing this sleep disorder and taking the necessary measures to treat it can be achieved successfully.

Speaking to Your Treating Physician About Your Sleep Apnea

There are several ways one can go about diagnosing and treating sleep apnea. Those who are experiencing symptoms should first consult with their family doctor to inform them of their sleep issues. If he suspects that a sleep apnea is present, they will likely refer their patient to a CPAP clinic or a sleep laboratory that specializes in diagnosing and treating these ailments. CPAP clinic who also can offer home sleep test are a type of facility that doctors often refer patients for either have a home sleep test to help determine if you have sleep apnea or referred to get a CPAP device. The CPAP clinic will also provide coaching and follow ups and help them better manage their sleep issues through effective measures which include:

Helping You Conduct a Sleep Apnea Test

Upon receiving your doctor’s referral and request for a sleep apnea test, the CPAP clinic you choose to visit will provide you with the appropriate test to assess your condition. Depending on your symptoms’ severity or nature, different types of tests may be ordered to define their underlying causes better.

One test CPAP clinics provide is an at-home test called cardiorespiratory sleep polygraphy. This assesses whether you have obstructive sleep apnea, a common sleep disorder that occurs when the throat muscles and tong become more relaxed during sleep, especially during deep sleep blocking the airway. When scheduling an appointment to pick up the sleep test apnea monitor, the CPAP clinic will provide you the necessary instructions and equipment required to conduct this test on your own successfully in the comfort of your own bed.

In other circumstances, your doctor may request that you complete a sleep test called a full polysomnography under supervision by a sleep technologist in a private sleep laboratory or hospital. This test typically requires that you spend the night in a sleep clinic with additional monitoring equipment. This equipment monitors your heart, lungs, brain activity, bodily movements, and more.

Whether your sleep apnea test is conducted from home or in a clinic, you will be able to gain a better sense of the type of sleep disorder you have and be provided with helpful resources from your CPAP clinic when referred by your doctor.

Helping You Identify Sleep Apnea Causes

While there is no permanent treatment to eliminate sleep apnea, experts in sleep disorders and sleep specialists can assist in determining what factors might be contributing to your sleep disorder and can provide recommendations for lifestyle changes that can be made to alleviate symptoms.

Some common factors that contribute to sleep apnea are genetics, narrow throat or as a small chin (overbite), age, obesity, alcohol, or drug use, and more. By getting the help of the sleep specialist at your CPAP clinic and determining the underlying causes of your sleep apnea, you will be in a better position to find a solution for your sleep disorder.

Helping You Find Sleep Apnea Solutions

Through advancements in health sciences and technology, there are other options available when sleep apnea cannot be fully avoided.

Factors that contribute to sleep apnea, such as genetics and age are unpreventable. However, other controllable factors that can cause sleep apnea should be considered to further improve your condition. By exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy diet, drinking in moderation, and making other healthy lifestyle changes, sleep apnea can be improved greatly.

There are other devices available that can also help treat sleep apnea. The most successful type of equipment that is used is a CPAP device. These machines deliver airflow into your airways through a mask you wear throughout the night which creates a pneumatic splint. Your CPAP clinic will be able to help you get started with choosing the right machine, nasal interface or mask, and additional supplies needed to properly treat your sleep apnea.

The Importance of Visiting a CPAP Clinic

It goes without saying that a lack of sleep can negatively impact anyone’s quality of life. When we are rested, we have more energy to do the things we love, and the mental clarity needed to accomplish everyday tasks. By visiting a CPAP clinic and getting to the bottom of your sleep issues, you can begin managing and treating symptoms to get the restful sleep your body needs.

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